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Antigravity Batteries Bluetooth Tracker Monitor System for 12V Lithium Vehicle Batteries

Antigravity Battery Tracker BTR-1 for LITHIUM Batteries

Bluetooth Monitoring system for your vehicle battery. Simple to install and track battery's Voltage, Health and Status through your phone or tablet using our free App (iOS or Android, Bluetooth 4.0).


  • Real-time Voltage reading
  • Real-time Voltage Graph over 5 minutes
  • Voltage History Graph, 31 days of data
  • Real-time Charge percentage
  • General Charge status (ok, charging, low)



  • Automatically logs date and time for each Start
  • Actual Cranking Voltage reading
  • General Cranking Voltage reading
  • Cranking Voltage Graph over number of seconds Start took place
  • Data stored for 1 day on Cranking Test page but has 31 days of data in Voltage History Graph
  • See if battery is getting weaker or not staying in high enough voltage range



  • Verify Alternator is charging the battery and working correctly
  • Idle Condition test and High RPM Voltage test


Why Use a Battery Tracker? My car has voltage indicator
Aside from giving Voltage Reading and providing Starting and Charging system tests, the Battery Tracker is useful in many other areas:

  • Monitor level of Parasitic Draw, how fast the battery discharges
  • Be alerted of battery's low energy before coming back to dead battery
  • Monitor vehicle's charge level over 31 days and history of when driven
  • Verify vehicle's charging system works; great for home mechanics
  • Racers: get battery status and alternator output during time on track
  • Total Loss systems: document voltage decline while in operation