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Jagg Hose Upgrade Kit (LIGHTWEIGHT-FIBER BRAIDED) for Harley, Engine, Jagg, MOONSMC® // Moons Motorcycle Culture

Jagg Hose Upgrade Kit (LIGHTWEIGHT-FIBER BRAIDED) for Harley

Set your bike apart and give your Jagg oil cooler installation a racy look with a set of performance braided oil hoses straight from the track-ready line of sūsa's motorsport division.

This upgrade kit contains:

3-foot length of black lightweight-fiber braided line
One pair of aluminum hose separators in black
Two pair of aluminum hose finishers with integrated wormdrive clamps, in black

    Simply trim hose to required length, slip hose finishers over ends of hose, press hose onto nipple, and tighten hose clamp, to achieve an easy and beautiful upgrade.